F9 Custom


Delivery: If not in our stock for immediate shipping.. average order time is 6 weeks. We will notify you of availability and delivery options once the order is received and processed through our system.

Custom Order: This piece may have many different choices for your home and may be shown differently in our showroom than as pictured on website, price will vary depending on options chosen.

Clearance: One of a kind items, sold AS IS

Visit us today to build your dream sectional. This sectional comes in multiple styles and fabrics.

Tailor your furniture to fit your personal style with the customizable F9 upholstery group.

Step 1: Choose from panel arm (1), sock arm (2), track arm (3), and crescent arm (4)

Step 2: Choose from semi-attached knife edge back (1), loose knife edge back (2), semi-attached boxed back (3), and loose boxed back (4)

Step 3: Choose from welt/piping (1), French Seam/single needle (2), and Saddle Stitch/double needle (3)

Each option creates a distinct look and feel, transforming standard living room furniture into a unique personal statement. With something for the whole family to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with the customizable F9 group.

3 piece sectional
Available as shown in photo by special order only, call the store for in stock cover options.

https://imageresizer.furnituredealer.net/img/remote/images.furnituredealer.net/img/products%2Fcraftmaster%2Fcolor%2Ff9%20custom%20collection_f9xxx55%2Bf9xxx132-sugarshack-b5.jpg?width=878&height=600&scale=both&trim.threshold=80, https://imageresizer.furnituredealer.net/img/remote/images.furnituredealer.net/img/collections%2Fcraftmaster%2Ff9%20custom%20collection_f9-lss-b1.jpg?width=850&height=850&f.sharpen=25&down.preserve=0&trim.threshold=80&trim.percentpadding=0.5, https://images.furnituredealer.net/img/collections%2Fcraftmaster%2Ff9%20custom%20collection_f9-lsg-b5.jpg, https://images.furnituredealer.net/img/collections%2Fcraftmaster%2Ff9%20custom%20collection_f9-lsg-b9.jpg, https://images.furnituredealer.net/img/collections%2Fcraftmaster%2Ff9%20custom%20collection_f9-lsg-b6.jpg


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