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Moore’s 130th Anniversary

It’s not often that a locally-owned, family business gets to celebrate their 130th anniversary. That’s right, 1-3-0! And here we are, one of the oldest businesses in Kerrville, run by its 4th generation. We couldn’t let this occasion pass by without a celebration of our store, and more than that, a celebration of you – […]

Help Back Pain with the Right Mattress

If you are like 80% of Americans (, you will experience back pain at some point in your life. And to make matters worse, chronic back pain can prevent you from sleeping and getting the rest you need. That’s why our sleep experts a have put together a guide for purchasing the right mattress to […]

Bedroom 101: Accessorizing the bed of your dreams

Since your bedroom is the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning, it should be a place that makes you feel calm and centered so you are rejuvenated and prepared for whatever the day may bring. And with these tips on styling the bed of your dreams, […]

Solve Clutter Issues Once and For All

Every home has spots where clutter tends to collect. However, with just a few simple changes, you can create a system that makes organization easy. So next time someone decides to drop by, you won’t have to worry about piles that need sorting or dirty laundry that needs put away before they arrive. Here are […]

3 Tips to Alleviate Snoring with the Right Mattress

If you or your partner are prone to snoring, you know how disruptive it can be. But instead of resigning yourself to interrupted and inadequate sleep, you can use these tips to shop for a mattress that can help prevent and alleviate snoring. 1 – Don’t Use an Old Mattress Mattresses that are eight years […]

What You Should Know About Metal Accents

Silver and Gold… And Everything In-between. What You Should Know About Metal Accents Some designers would have you think that metal finishes go in and out of style every couple of years, which makes it seem like all those accent pieces you carefully chose are outdated before you got a chance to enjoy them. We’re […]

Which Mattress Is Right For Your Body Type?

Mattresses are not one-size-fits-all. Some are better for people who sleep on their back while others are better for side-sleepers. And if you sleep with a partner, you may be more concerned with motion transfer (i.e. being jostled awake whenever your partner moves) or you might be interested in a mattress that is compatible with […]

Getting Started with Custom Order

If you’re a detail oriented person who likes everything to be just right, or if you are artistically minded and enjoy creating your own masterpieces, custom order furniture is right for you! With affordable custom furniture options it’s easy to design your own sofas, sectionals, and more. Then your piece will be built by the […]


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