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The Ultimate Recliner Buying Guide

Everyone remembers their father’s recliner. Whether it was relegated to the corner of the living room or the basement, you can still picture him pulling up on the handle to rest his feet at the end of a long day at work. Perhaps he was watching the game or taking a nap after a big […]

Choosing your Game Day Decor

It’s that time of the year: the glorious return of football season! It’s that time of the year! If you think I’m referring to Christmas you would be mistaken. I’m speaking of the glorious return of the football season. And with that comes the countless get togethers and celebratory fellowships with friends and family. There’s […]

Do You Have a Favorite Spot in the House?

There’s no denying that we are passionate about “our” spot: on the sofa, at the dining table, a certain chair or side of the bed – the list goes on. Picture this: your family is spending time together in the living room, about to watch a movie and share some popcorn, when suddenly, “Hey, that’s […]

Creating an Inspiring Home Office

Many of us are in the unprecedented era of working from home. Whether you are used to this, new to this, love it, or hate it, the bottom line is: if you’re working from home, you need a space that inspires you to continue getting your best work done. First, know what style you like. […]

7 Dining Room Styles To Fit Every Home

A dining room isn’t just a place to eat, it’s a space where friends and family gather to share stories and make memories. When you’re decorating your dining room, think about what feeling you want to get when you enter the room. Is it warm and cozy, glamorous and elegant, or a little bit of […]

Put Your Living Room In The Best Light

Even the perfect living room furniture, however, needs proper lighting to enhance the look.  There are 3 types of lighting…ambient, accent and task…and using all these in a layered effect ensures the elimination of dark corners and distracting shadows.  Here is a quick guide to putting it all together. AMBIENT LIGHT This is the general, […]

What Is Rem Sleep And Why Does It Matter?

Although sleep can feel like a passive activity, it is actually a very active time for our minds. Within five different stages, including REM sleep, our bodies heal and process information learned during the day. From memory consolidation, muscle recovery, to hormone regulation, sleep is responsible for many necessary processes that we could not function […]

Eliminate Clutter With 5 Bedroom Solutions

You deserve a bedroom that is calm and relaxing… a place where you can unwind at the end of the day. Think of your bedroom as your private spa or oasis. You’re probably picturing soothing colors and natural finishes like fresh flowers or potted plants. What you’re probably not picturing are piles of folded (or […]

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