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Entertaining in Your Home Made Easy

A gathering of friends and/or family is always a joyful celebration.  It is also a way to showcase your home, share your unique sense of style and enjoy good food and beverages.  At Price Point Furniture we have an extensive selection of dining room, kitchen, bar and gathering room furniture with styles from casual to elegant, and our friendly, professional design staff will work with you to create the look you want.  Here are some helpful tips for stress-free entertaining:

  1. Set the main table and prepare a day in advance.  That way you can be more relaxed the day of the event and concentrate and those special extra touches.
  2. Use plenty of candles in the dining and gathering areas.  Candles help create good mood and ambiance.
  3. Music played low in the background helps make the event more lively.  Pre-select your playlist and get the audio system set up in advance.
  4. Create flow to encourage guest mingling by placing hors d’oeuvres and drink stations in different areas.
  5. Consider serving food buffet style.  It’s easier for you and is more flexible for your guests.
  6. Use flowers for a splash of color, but don’t over-do.
  7. Make sure gathering and dining areas have ample and comfortable seating.  Guests don’t want to stand for hours on end.

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